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Bloomfield College Announces Women's Bowling
The team will compete as an associate member of the East Coast Conference (ECC) when they open up their inaugural season in the Fall.
Bloomfield College's 145th Commencement
Capping off a year of 150th anniversary celebrations, on Friday, May 18, 2018, Bloomfield College embraced 320 new alumni at the College’s 145th Commencement Ceremonies.
Bloomfield College's 145th Commencement is This Friday
The 145th Commencement will include remarks from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy; Christian McBride, Grammy-winning jazz bassist; and Prof. Deog-Seong Oh, President of Chungnam National University.
Bloomfield College Students Present at NJ Space Grant Consortium
Two students presented their NASA-supported research at the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium Affiliate Meeting at Georgian Court University.
Bloomfield College Recognizes Dr. Schiro, Hosts Natural Science and Mathematics Panel
On April 11, as part of Bloomfield College’s 150th anniversary, the College welcomed Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to the Natural Science and Mathematics Alumni Panel Discussion and Reception
Bloomfield College Commemorates the Life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bloomfield College commemorated the life and labor of MLK on campus on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.
Fran McLaughlin to be Honored at Bloomfield College's Upcoming Nursing Reception
The Nursing Recognition Program, Nursing Leaders Panel Discussion, and Reception will be on Thursday, April 19 at 3:00 p.m. in Franklin Street Residence Hall Multi-Purpose Room.

Fulbright Scholar Visits Bloomfield College

Dr. Reginald Oputa with Bloomfield College students

Alicia Cook

On Monday, May 23, Dr. Reginald Oputa, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar from Nigeria, presented “Diabetes Mellitus: A Global Epidemic with Potential Solution” at Bloomfield College.

Dr. Oputa is a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist. His Fulbright tenure is at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Oputa’s research focuses include diabetes education, care and advocacy, classification and management of diabetes mellitus, and treatment of thyroid disorders.

His presentation, which was complemented by PowerPoint, covered what he describes as “one of the largest global emergencies of the 21st century,” in great detail. Dr. Oputa reported that one in every 11 adults have diabetes. This means, with 7.30 billion people in the world, there are 415 million known cases of diabetes. In 2015, five million deaths connected to diabetes were reported.

Dr. Oputa spoke about what can be done to halt the rise of diabetes throughout the world. These prevention tactics include adopting a healthier lifestyle, passing policies which limit sugar, salt, and fat intake, hosting national screening and survey programs, implementing Public Health education in all nations, and diagnosing it earlier to better manage the disease throughout one’s life.

He went on to discuss recommendations for a healthier diet and medical management before opening the floor up to questions.

In addition to his MD degree, Dr. Oputa holds a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Pathology. He is a fellow of the West African College of Physicians and the Endocrinology and Metabolism Society of Nigeria. He is the Vice President of the Society and the Chairman of the Diabetes Association of Nigeria, Imo State Chapter. He has been published over 40 times in both local and international scientific journals.

Bloomfield College had the distinct honor of having Dr. Oputa on campus thanks to the Fulbright Scholar Program, which assists U.S. colleges and universities to expand academic knowledge and enhance research. These scholars exchange ideas with U.S. students and their college communities, become well acquainted with U.S. higher education, and create linkages between their home and host institutions.

Dr. Oputa’s visit was hosted by the Office of International Programs and Services. In an increasingly globalized world, Bloomfield College acknowledges the value of international programs by expanding the enrollment of matriculated international students and creating campus internationalization initiatives. This was the first time Bloomfield College hosted a Fulbright Scholar lecture on campus, and the College looks forward to hosting more opportunities of cultural and academic exchange to help students grow and develop as model citizens in a globalized world.

View pictures of the guest lecture here.