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DSST Testing

The DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) exam is  offered for both Bloomfield College and non-Bloomfield College students who wish to demonstrate their knowledge or professional experience in a particular subject and wish to turn that knowledge into college credits. Students can take the DSST exam to receive college credits in lieu of taking the class. 

Spaces are limited, so register early!

Please note that Bloomfield College does not offer the Principles of Public Speaking Examination.

General Public: All DSST exams can be taken at the Bloomfield College Test Center except for the Public Speaking exam. DSST examinations are awarded for college credit. We recommend checking with with your institution's advisor to see which DSST exams are applicable, how credits will be awarded, and to learn what your institution's DSST policy is.

For Bloomfield College Students:
Examination credit is applicable to the fulfillment of the major and General Education requirements, subject to the approval of the major advisor. DSST cannot be taken as a repeat of a course already taken at any institution.  DSST credits accepted in transfer are subject to evaluation criteria established by Bloomfield College. Successfully completed DSST exams will be recorded on the student’s transcript as transfer credits and will not be used in calculating the grade point average.

For BC students only: Which DSST exams does Bloomfield College accept for credit?

BC Course DSST Exam
MTH 200 Principles of Statistics
PSY 205 Lifespan Developmental Psychology


Thursday July 20, 2017 2 PM
Thursday July 27, 2017 2 PM
Thursday Aug 3, 2017 2 PM
Thursday Aug 10, 2017 2 PM
Thursday Aug 17, 2017 2 PM
Thursday Aug 24, 2017 2 PM
Thursday Aug 31, 2017 2 PM