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Two Bloomfield College Alumni Will Play Professional Basketball in Spain
Nick Davidson '18 and Ignacio Diez '18 have signed professional basketball contracts in Spain.
Bloomfield College Announces Impressive Lineup of Speakers in New Lecture Series
The College is excited to welcome the following guests to campus during its 150th anniversary year. Each monthly session begins at 3:00 p.m. on campus.
Bloomfield College Announces Division of Education Event
Bloomfield College has announced a special Division of Education event on Tuesday, September 25 at 3:00 p.m.
Bloomfield College to Host Bestfoods Recognition Event
Since 2002, the Bestfoods Educational Foundation has been a generous supporter of Bloomfield College. Join us at a recognition program and reception on Thursday, September 13, at 4:00 p.m.
Bloomfield College, Hillside Announce Scholarship Partnership
“It is my honor, as Mayor of Hillside, to be in partnership with such great people and a wonderful institution like Bloomfield College,” said Mayor Dahlia Vertreese.
Bloomfield College Alumni Share Why They Returned as Adjuncts
There are many ways to stay connected to your alma mater, and these alumni now teach at the College! Get to know them.
Bloomfield College Students Head to South Africa
Two Bloomfield College seniors, Armani Figueroa-Richardson and Andrea Montes, will travel to Grahamstown, South Africa to work with Inkululeko learners and leadership.

Nursing Chairperson goes One-on-One with Steve Adubato

By: Office of Institutional Advancement

Dr. Neddie Serra, Chairperson for the Frances M. McLaughlin Division of Nursing recently sat down with Steve Adubato on Wednesday, March 16th to talk about changes within the nursing profession and the focus shifting from treatment of acute illness to educating patients on preventative practices. 
During the interview Adubato and Serra talked specifically about asthma and the difference between educating patients beforehand and treating the illness. “There is no cure for asthma at this point so you have to learn to live with the condition and learn how to manage it effectively so that you don’t end up using emergency care which is very expensive. For nurses in general, the focus has always been on educating families and patients on what they can do to help prevent certain conditions from getting worse,” said Serra. 
Adubato talked about the change of nursing education as it pertains to preventative practices and the importance of nursing than ever before. “There is so much more that nurses have to do now than when I was in nursing school,” said Serra. “People live longer and many people do not know how to deal with their conditions. It’s the role of the nurse to change that.” 
Watch the complete interview: