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AP Prep

Individual Tutoring for AP Calculus AB/BC and Statistics

Our staff is a team of experienced tutors, college-level instructors, and certified high school teachers. The tutors possess a minimum of a master’s degree. Our tutors use the most current materials from the leading publishers.

Our professional tutors can provide assistance with many different subjects and exams.  The individual tutoring sessions provide specialized attention that is focused on the student’s specific needs. Together, you and your tutor will come up with a plan tailored towards your goals.

  • Tutoring sessions may include:
  • Personal diagnostic
  • Individualized tutoring plan
  • Content instruction tailored to student’s needs
  • Extensive and focused drill practice with feedback
  • Students will need to bring a pen or pencil, a means of taking notes, and calculator for mathematics


The Learning Resource Center at Bloomfield College
18 Austin Place, Bloomfield NJ, 07003